"Lerman Chamber Orchestra"
Municipal autonomous
cultural institution
of Naberezhnye Chelny


«Shnitke Dedication»

«Shnitke Dedication»
Lerman Chamber Orchestra
«Kondrashin Classical Recording»
Recording engineer P. Kondrashin
Recorded: 2007

1. Shnitke Dedication
(Handel «Passacaglias» musical adaptation for string quartet and chamber orchestra by Igor Lerman)

Five pieces in the form of concerto grosso for chamber orchestra and soloists (Suite in ancient style, musical adaptation by Igor Lerman)
2. Pastoral
3. Ballet
4. Minuet
5. Fugue
6. Pantomime
Sonata №1 for violin, clavecin and string orchestra
7. Andante
8. Allegretto
9. Largo
10. Allegretto. Allegro
(Denis Sattarov – violin, Elena Rozhkova – cembalo)

11. Passacaglia for chamber orchestra and soloists
(musical adaptation by Igor Lerman)