"Lerman Chamber Orchestra"
Municipal autonomous
cultural institution
of Naberezhnye Chelny


«If Mozart Lived in Naberezhnye Chelny»

«If Mozart Lived in Naberezhnye Chelny»
Lerman Chamber Orchestra
«Kondrashin Classical Recording»
Recording engineer P. Kondrashin
Recorded: 2010

Transcriptions of Igor Lerman

Baroque Concert
L. Boccherini Menuet
D. Cimarosa Aria
D. Cimarosa Capriccio
L. Boccherini Rondo

L. van Beethoven For Elise
The Beatles Yesterday
P. Tchaikovsky Autumn Song
F. Schubert Musical Moment in F Minor
M. Oginski Polonaise

Debussy and Curly Willow
C. Debussy The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
C. Debussy Steps in the Snow
Tatar Folk Song Curly Willow

Funny Violins
Funny Violins (Fantasies on Themes of Sapozhnin, Dunaevsky, Mozart, Russian Folk Song «Two Merry Geese…» )
Jewish Folk Song «Matchmakers are Coming»
F. Schubert Bee
K. Bom Perpetum Mobile
F. Seitz Rondo
P. Tchaikovsky Children’s Album
March of the Wooden Soldiers
Neapolitan Song
Lark Song
M. Moussorgsky Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
Tatar Folk Song Swallow
W. А. Mozart Alla Turca
«If Mozart Lived in Naberezhnye Chelny» (Musical Idea A. Luppov)

Total length 68:04