"Lerman Chamber Orchestra"
Municipal autonomous
cultural institution
of Naberezhnye Chelny


Sweet Dreams / Jokes

Sweet Dreams

  1. Е. Grieg- Morning Mood (From Music to the Ibsen's Drama «Peer Gynt»)

  2. L. van Beethoven - For Elise

  3. M. Ravel-Pavane

  4. С. Debussy - The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

  5. G. Caccini -Ave Maria (Ludmila Filippova - Soprano)

  6. P.Tchaikovsky-SweetDreams (Children'sAlbum, op. 39)

  7. M. Kalachevsky - Nocturne

  8. A. Glazunov-Meditation, Op. 32(NataliyaGorshkova-Violin)

  9. С. Gluck - Melody

  10. A. Glazunov - Song of a Minstrel, op. 71

  11. М. Moussorgsky - The Old Castle (Pictures at an Exhibition)

  12. The Beatles - Yesterdav

  13. P. Tchaikovsky -Autumn Song (The Seasons, Op. 3 7 bis)

  14. Е. Grieg —Anitra's Dance (From Music to the Ibsen's Drama «Peer Gynt»)

  15. M. Oginski - Polonaise

  16. С. Debussy - Moon Light



I. Lerman - Congratulation from Mozart and Crocodile Gena

J.-B. Senaille - Rondo

P. Tchaikovsky - Children's Album, op. 39

March of the Wooden Soldiers


Neapolitan Song

The Barrel-Organ

The Harmonica Player


Nanny's Story

М. Moussorgsky - The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga) (Pictures at an Exhibition)

P. Tchaikovsky - Baba-Yaga (Children's Album, op. 39)

М. Moussorgsky - Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (Pictures at an Exhibition)

E. Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King (From Music to the Ibsen's Drama «Peer Gynt»)

K. Bom - Perpetum Mobile

L. Boccherini - Menuet

D. Cimarosa - Capriccio

L. Boccherini - Rondo

F. Schubert - Bee

F. Seitz - Rondo

I. Lerman - The Bird (Tatar Folk Song «Swallow») (Denis Sattarov - Violin)

F. Schubert - Moment Musical f-moll

Funny Violins (Fantasies on Themes of Sapozhnin, Dunaevsky, Mozart, Russian Folk Song «Two Merty Geese...»)

Е. Satie - Visible Things from the Left and Right (without Glasses):

Hypocritical Choral

Fugue to the Touch

Muscular Fantasia

James Lord Pierpont - Jingle Bells

D. Shostakovich - The Prelude № 6, Op. 87

W.A. Mozart - Alla Turca

A. Luppov - «If Mozart Lived in Naberezhnye Chelny»


Total length 64:34